Chair Isabell Bamboo \ Rattan New -29%
The popular Rossini chair is now made ​​as a outdoor cafe chair .Isabel chair without armrests is ma..
1,390kr 990kr

Chair Sofie Bamboo \ Rattan New -27%
Sophie chair is a new and colorful part of the Affäire collection.Sofie armchair in rattan withstand..
1,490kr 1,090kr

Cooling bench + topping 3doors -19%
Nº doors    3 Capacity (liters)    452 Power (W)    4..
22,000kr 17,900kr

Cooling under bench 7-draglådor -27%
•Mått: 2242 x 700 x 584 • Tvångs utkast förångare med rostskyddsbeläggningcoating. • Automatisk av..
25,900kr 18,900kr

Induction Wok IW 35 -11%
Stainless steel casing, wok cuvette ceramic glass, touch control panel with digital display, digi..
2,691kr 2,390kr

North Watergrill HS1 New -27%
Water Grill HS1 is an electric water grill with container under element. The water tank provides a ..
8,900kr 6,500kr

Oemali AS Bullmaskin -31%
AS / T is a  dough rounder that rolls the portioned dough into..
24,570kr 16,900kr

Oemali Dough Divider & rounder BM2+AS -38%
Oemali BM2 + AS is a bullrivare and rounder, throw in the whole pizza dough and let the machine will..
89,000kr 54,900kr

Rice Cooker 8 liters -18%
  stainless steel casing, on/off switch, pilot lights, inner pot non stick coating - heat re..
2,190kr 1,790kr